Historic Natchez City Cemetery



November 9, 10, 11 2023 

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Photos by T.G. McCary Photography

Old City Fountain

Old City Fountain

Schwartz Monument


Dana Family Monument

Dana Family Monument

Jewish Hill Gate

An iron gate open to a cemetery

Oak Tree

An oak tree leaving shadows over headstones in a city cemetery

Emma Gene Wensel Venn

Emma Gene Wensel Venn monument at Natchez City Cemetery

Cemetery Gate

Cemetery Gate

Learned Family Mausoleum

Learned Family Mausoleum at Natchez City Cemetery

Turning Angel

Turning Angel

Cemetery Office

Cemetery Office building

Confederate Dead

The confederate soldiers section of Natchez City Cemetery

Florecen Irene Ford

Florence Irene Ford grave at Natchez City Cemetery

A visit to Natchez is not complete without a tour of the Natchez City Cemetery. Established in 1822 on the bluffs high above the Mississippi River, its occupants’ stories reveal the history, grandeur, mystery, and tragedy that tell the story of Natchez. The beautiful grounds provide breath-taking views of the Mississippi River – never more beautiful than at sunset. Majestic live oaks shadow the drive into the cemetery leading to the Shelter House, which serves as the main office.

The city’s earlier cemetery was located in Memorial Park adjacent to St. Mary’s Basilica in downtown Natchez. In 1822 remains of most burials there were reinterred at the current Natchez City Cemetery, along with remains from private plantation and churchyard burial grounds.

In addition to the wonderful stories associated with the people buried at the Natchez City Cemetery, a tour provides an amazing view of iron fences, benches, tombstones, monuments, and other works of art and master craftsmanship. Talented marble workers such as Edwin Lyon and Robert Rawes are credited with many of the lovely sculpted monuments erected in the antebellum era. Inscriptions on the monuments are often moving, thought-provoking, and insightful. The iron work seen at the Natchez City Cemetery creates a remarkably representative display of 19th and early 20th century ironwork produced in America.

The Natchez City Cemetery opens each day at 7 AM. The gates are locked at dusk, so plan your visit accordingly. Visitors are welcome to tour on their own. A CD offering a self-guided tour of the cemetery can be obtained at the Cemetery’s Main Office or at the Natchez Visitor Reception Center. 

For more information, please contact: 

Natchez City Cemetery, 2 Cemetery Road 

(P.O. Box 1738), Natchez, MS 39121. Phone: 601-445-5051. Email the Cemetery.

Photos by T.G. McCary Photography