Records Division

The Natchez Police Department Records Division only provides records for accidents or incidents that happened within its jurisdiction. For information from other municipalities or counties, contact the appropriate agency.

Accident Reports can be obtained online or in person. It usually takes 2-3 business days for an accident report to be completed. The cost of the accident report is the same if purchased online or in person.

Incident reports can be obtained in person. It usually takes 2-3 business days for an incident report to be completed. There is no cost of the copy of the incident report that is attached to the affidavit when charges are filed.

Background checks are sometimes required for employment, housing, adoption, immigration and other personal reasons. Background checks include arrest records only and do not include traffic violations or other incidents which did not result in an arrest.


Accident Reports           $10.00

Incident Reports           $10.00

Background Checks     $10.00 (Must present a valid ID)

Fingerprints                   $15.00 (Monday & Thursday 1000-1500 Only)

Security Permit             $50.00 (Must present a valid ID)