Dispatch Center

  In 2017, a change came about within the 911 dispatch center. The dispatchers within the city and county consolidated under the E911 board and relocated to the basement of the sheriff’s office. This will allow the communications center to better serve the city and county residents.  

The Communications Section of the dispatch center receives all of the incoming emergency calls (911) to the Police Department and Sheriff’s Department, as well as any other calls requiring the dispatch of Uniform Patrol units or medical assistance. These calls are then dispatched to the appropriate law enforcement agency and for medical calls for service to the appropriate ambulance service. Obviously this is a very important function, for without the Communications Section monitoring and coordinating the radio traffic, first responders would not be dispatched to the requested calls for service in such a timely and organized fashion. 

Whenever a call for assistance is received in the Communications Section, as much information as possible is gathered from the person reporting the incident. This information is transferred into the computer system, which is then accessible by the dispatcher, who notifies the proper responding agency that they need to proceed to a certain location. In addition to dispatching the calls, the personnel of the Communications Section also aid in the safety of those officers on the road by carefully assessing the danger of each call received and advising the officer of any problems detected in the initial call. The dispatchers also handle warrant searches and checking the status of driver licenses and license plate status. The dispatchers conduct a criminal background check through NCIC when requested by an officer or investigator.  

If you didn't think that was enough the Central Dispatch Center also dispatches fire service.