Patrol Division

The Natchez Police Department's Patrol Division serves as the "frontrunners" of our police department. The patrol division patrols the streets of Natchez, responding to calls for service, and keeping a watchful eye out for those who commit crimes.

We perform the initial investigations at crime scenes. Our primary role is to serve the City of Natchez, protecting lives and property, making the city a safe place to live and work.

Since we are the first officers to come in contact with the citizens, we represent the Natchez Police Department to the general public. We are proud of the quality service we provide, and the courteous, professional image we portray.

We are more than just "ticket writers", we are educators. By writing tickets in areas of high traffic we reduce the number of accidents, When we see a child not properly restrained we educate the drivers on the proper usage thus reducing the potential for injury in an accident. By doing what we do, we can demonstrate a marked decrease in traffic accidents and injury, making the roads a safer place for you to drive!

We are supported by a number of personnel. No matter who you meet, each and every member of the Patrol Division will enthusiastically do his or her best to respond to any given situation.

If you see one of us, don't hesitate to say , "Hi"!