Ruphus E. Case

Ruphus E. Case monument at Natchez City Cemetery

Ruphus E. Case wanted to be buried in his rocking chair facing his home state of Louisiana.

The story is told that his child, or grandchild, had died before him and he wanted to be buried in his rocking chair beside the child.

To accommodate his wishes he was placed in his rocking chair next to the child’s grave, but above ground. Then a brick structure was built around Mr. Case and the child's grave

It is told that prior to the renovation of this grave, the bricks had crumbled very badly and if you had a flashlight you could look through cracks and see Mr. Case's remains sitting in his rocking chair.

Thanks to the Cemetery Association's efforts many graves are being preserved.

The first Angels on the Bluffs Tour, in 2000, generated funds that were used to maintain the cemetery grounds, brick structures, metal fences and monuments.

Pictured is the Case monument before and after restoration, which was accomplished in 2001.